EASEUS Photo Recovery 3.0.1

Have you ever accidentally deleted valued photos, music or videos and looked for a solution before? EASEUS Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use, professional photo recovery software that will recover your photos, images, pictures, videos and music after deletion, disk format and partition corruption from digital camera, memory card, hard disk drive and USB drive.
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i would like to know what makes this software so special. Why do you need to pay for a supposedly specialised photo recovery program when there are freeware alternatives.

Scott, 09.12.2010, 06:50
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recovery of physically corrupted photos (whether deleted or not) e.g. bad flash card & etc.

There are may resons why phootos get corrupted, e.g. kids messing with your camera, batteries fail during save, "simple stupidity" and more. So a program that can rebuild a damaged photo whould be handy. Plenty recover deleted photos, but I have...
Terry Ed, 10.12.2010, 12:57
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be able to recover videos and other file types (there doesn't seem to be any technical limitation that would prevent this)

Recover mov and other file types
Matthew, 09.12.2010, 00:28
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Why is it not possible to recover pictures on the drive where Photo Recovery is loaded? I keep everything on my C drive.

Peter Ngai, 09.12.2010, 00:46
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See the splash page on http://www.easeus-photorecover... to show correct FREE and PAY columns

Greg, 09.12.2010, 02:38
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Recover or repair existing but courrupted photos, e.g. battery fails during saving, card is removed at the wrong time and etc.

There are many programs that recover deleted photos, but never deal with the corrupted photos that happen when batteries fail or children get hold of you camera, or even if your memory card fails (I have had 2 cards fail in past years). Also I...
Terry Ed, 09.12.2010, 06:06
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I have just installed and not yet used it. Therefore, the feedback will be provided as soon as I use it.

Jebbar Abdou DOUHOU, 09.12.2010, 14:07